Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Cheer like it's your last... :(

Senior night? Are you kidding me?.. This came way too fast. I can’t believe in 3 and a half months it’s all over! As far as cheer is concerned, the games are coming to an end. Tonight might be the last game the seniors ever get to cheer at. The three years I have been in high school I have waited so long to get out of here, but there are still so many mixed emotions. :/
I don’t think it really hit me when I woke up this year on my last, “first day of school” that I can’t ever get it back. I don’t even know if it has hit me at all yet! I mean, I’ve thought about it. Every time the cheerleaders go out and perform I remind myself that I’ll miss it. And every time we cheer at a game, I remind myself that next year I won’t be doing it anymore. I think at some point every cheerleader has always wondered what it’s like to be in the stands instead of cheering on the sidelines. And this year I realized that cheering on the sidelines is what I’m going to miss most. I think every single person I have talked to that has graduated has told me that I am going to miss high school and that I don’t even know the half of it. Even after hearing them all tell me to enjoy it, I still feel like it hasn’t hit me yet.
Tonight is probably our last home game… It’s the last time we get to cheer at a high school basketball game and the last time we can perform at half time. I know it isn’t going to hit me until I’m crying my eyes out after cheering tonight so I guess it’s time I realize it because in a few hours it’s pretty much over as a cheerleader. :( We don’t have competitions anymore, and practices are just for fun now! Sure, we perform at the end of year, but that’s it.
My whole life I’ve cheered at games and pretty soon it’s all over. I know it’s not the end of the world haha! I’m moving on to bigger and better things. But there is always a part of me that is going to miss cheering and the friendships I have built. I wouldn’t trade anything for the years I have spent at Woods Cross. The friendships I have built with some of the teammates are unforgettable and I wouldn’t want to share it with anyone else. I don’t think many people understand the bond we share as a team. I go to practice every day and laugh because there is never a time when cheer hasn’t made me happier. All the summer practices, and the parties, the early morning practices, tumbling at Cheerz, competitions, cheering at games...It’s all ended! And I guess you could say I wouldn’t want to end it any other way…
My coach told us at our last competition that some of her closest friends are still the girls she cheered with in high school! And I know the friendships that I have built on this team will last. Pretty much all of my best friends are on the team with me and it’s so weird to think next year I won’t be back at this school. But I want to say to my best friends and team mates that it has been an absolute honor to be a part of such a talented, close team! The memories this year are unforgettable and I honestly couldn’t be happier the way we are ending it!
To the seniors… Ah! I love you guys... Haha we’ve always gone all out and I am so excited to perform one last time with just you five at half time tonight :) To my amazing parents, who have supported me 100% in cheer… I am so glad that I have you guys to fall back on when things get hard. I don’t know how I would have gotten through my years of cheering without them. I can’t thank them enough for coming to every competition and performance. There is no greater feeling than looking into a crowd of people before I perform and seeing their faces every single time to calm me down! I am so grateful for the many years I have had to enjoy this and after tonight, I know I will be able to smile and remember it as a great memory! :) I guess I should probably be preparing myself for MANY tears tonight… but all I have to say to the seniors is let’s cheer it like it’s our last tonight (Because it is!) and umm… “We… Work.. Out!” :) Sassy and Classy.. <3 XOXO...

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